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Cake Flavours




Madeira Cake 


This is a firm but moist sponge, which is tasty and a great cake for cutting as it does not fall apart, excellent choice for novelty cakes. 

Chocolate Sponge 

A great favourite with many of my customers and you’ll be in chocolate heaven with this one! Another good option for novelty cakes as it is great for cutting, and is firm and moist. 


Carrot Cake 

What can I say about the carrot cake other than absolutely divine! It is very, very moist, tasty, nutritious and delicious! It does contain alcohol and nuts, both of which can be excluded if so desired. A great one for vegetarians as it is not made with butter. 


Zesty Lemon Cake 

Perfect for the summer months or for any occasion which requires a light tasty alternative to the usual classical Madeira is this deliciously tangy fruity lemon cake. It is  firm in texture and therefore great for cutting and is accompanied by a lemony slight tart lemon curd butter cream – it’s tasty, tasty, very very tasty! 

Fruit Cake (Caribbean style, also known as rum cake) 

All I can say is yum, yum, yum - it doesn’t get much better than this! This Caribbean recipe has been passed down through many generations and is made using mixed fruits which have been soaked for many months in alcohol including over proof Jamaican Rum! The fruits are ground down so that the texture resembles that of a sponge, which is moist, but yet firm and when cut the aroma of the aromatic spices and alcohol emanate from within. Many who have claimed that they “don’t do fruit cake” have had to have my cake and eat it too!!  A great one for any wedding or special celebration! 


Fruit Cake (English Style) 


This cake is a very decadent moist fruit cake where the fruits are whole, but have been soaked in alcohol for weeks in advance, making this cake absolutely delicious! I like to add some spices to my English fruit cake to add to the already delicious flavour, making this a must have for any wedding or special celebration!  I don’t usually make my English fruit cake using nuts, but nuts can be added upon request. 

Chocolate Rum & Raisin Cake 


The name alone sounds delicious and it certainly is! Not too dissimilar to the Caribbean fruit cake however instead of mixed fruit this cake is made only with raisins, Belgium chocolate, spices and of course rum! Again the raisins have been soaked in rum for many months so that the rum is infused into the raisins and the combination of all these ingredients make this cake an absolute delight. 

Coconut and Lime Cake 


This is a really great tasting sponge cake with a firm but most texture. It is sweet but also has a zesty tartness to it which comes from the lime.  If you are a coconut fan, then you’ll definitely enjoy this yummy cake!  


Coconut Cake 


This cake is again very moist and a good texture for cutting. It can be accompanied by a delicious coconut butter cream and the addition of a decadent raspberry conserve makes this choice a delight and is a winner with my family! 


Coffee and Walnut 


This cake has a great taste and texture and is made with rich ground down coffee bean with the aroma of the coffee emanating out when the cake is cut and the crunchy texture of the walnuts as you bit into this delicious tasty cake. Not recommended for novelty style cakes. 


Red Velvet Cake 


This is a very delicious moist cake, which as the title suggests is red is colour and really stands out once the red colour is revealed after cutting.  The taste is difficult to describe other than yum yum! All I can say is, if you love chocolate cake, you will love red velvet!  It can be accompanied with various fillings, but I have found the addition of a coconut butter cream never fails to impress! 


Salted Butter Cream 


This is definitely one of my personal favourite flavours!  It is very moist but firm to the cut and when served with the addition of a layer of salted caramel and the caramel flavoured butter cream, it is an absolute delight for any salted caramel lover! 

*These are just a few examples of the most popular cake choices, but if you have a different preference, please feel free to fill in the Enquiry Form with your choice and I will definitely try to accommodate your requirements. 

Cake Fillings 

We have a good selection of butter creams/cake fillings, so why not have a look at what is available, but if you cannot see what you are looking for, please just ask. 


Cake Fillings:  

Vanilla Butter Cream  

Vanilla Butter Cream and Raspberry Conserve  

Coconut Flavoured Buttercream  

Chocolate Fudge

Coffee Butter Cream 

White Chocolate Butter Cream  

Lemon Butter Cream  

Lemon Curd

Cookies and Cream Butter Cream  

Orange Butter Cream  

Cream Cheese Butter Cream  

Raspberry flavoured Butter Cream   

Raspberry Conserve  

Strawberry Jam 

Strawberry flavoured Butter Cream 

Salted Caramel Butter Cream 


Special Dietary Requirements 

We appreciate that many people have special dietary needs and we try to accommodate many of them, therefore we have the following cakes available: 

Gluten Free  

Dairy Free 

Please note that not all cake designs can be used with these cakes, so please enquire first. 

It should also be noted that although nuts are not used in any of our cake bases (unless clearly stated) our cakes are baked in a kitchen which does use nuts! 

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