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Where are you based? 


We are based in Bromley, Kent BR1 


Can I order a cake for collection today? 

Unfortunately, not.  We are a home based bespoke cake design company, which means all our cakes are made to order. 


How much notice do you need?

We would ask for as much notice as possible!  If you are wanting a wedding cake, at least 3 months' notice, but the sooner the better. 


For birthday/celebration cakes, a minimum of 2 weeks' notice is required however, we are sometimes able to accept orders with a shorter notice period, but this is dependent upon our workload. 

How much do your cakes cost? 

We have various prices which depends on the flavour, the number of guests you want to cater for and the design of your cakes.  However, our cakes start from £120 for a 6 inch round cake, which feeds approximately 15-20 guests and all our cakes are at least 6 inches tall and have a minimum of 3 layers inside.


Do I have to pay the full amount when I order a cake? 

We require a non-refundable 50% booking fee to confirm your order. However, if you order with 2 weeks' notice or less, the full amount is required to confirm your booking. 

Wedding cake orders are slightly different in that we take a £100 or £200 deposit dependant upon the cost of your cake and the final balance is due two weeks before your wedding.


Do I need to have an in-person consultation when I’m ordering a cake?


No, you do not need a face-to-face consultation to order your cake, we are very good at following your instructions via email, WhatsApp or over the phone and we usually confirm details via email anyway.  The only time we consider consultations is for weddings and please bear in mind, these can take up to an hour, although they are not compulsory.  Since Covid 19 we have changed the way we do things and offer a Zoom consultant if required.

What is the largest cake you do? 

For round cakes we can do up to 20 inches  

For square cakes we can do up to 20 inches 

For Rectangular cakes we can make up to 18 x 24 inches 


What is the smallest cake you do? 

The smallest cake we can do is 4 inches, however we only usually make a 4 inch cake for 2 tiered cakes or more, however if you are having a very small celebration, we can make a 4 inch cake for you.


What is the turnaround time for your cakes? 


We prefer to have at least 2 weeks' notice for celebration cakes and 3 months' notice for wedding cakes as the summer months are busy, however, this is dependent upon our workload so exceptions can be made! 


Do you do cupcakes? 

Yes, we do cupcakes, which start from £3.50 each depending upon the design and cupcakes with logos start from £4.50 each. 


Do you do cake favours? 

Yes, we can do favours eg, cake pops, cakesicles, mini cakes and cookies, please enquire for prices. 


Do you make cake toppers? 

If you are referring to the glitter carded ones or acrylic ones that are very popular now, we do not make them ourselves, but can arrange for them to be made for you and this would be included in the final cost of your cake. 


Can I have an edible print on my cake? 

Yes of course you can.  We like to make a frame around edible images if they are going on top of the cake so that your image is visible from a distance. 

Do you make sugar models or sugar flowers? 

Yes definitely, our niche is novelty cakes so we are happy to do that for you and the cost will be included in the final price of your cake.  The same with sugar flowers. 


Do your cakes come in a box? 

Yes, all our cakes come neatly boxed with a non-slip mat underneath for you to put straight into your boot. 


What is the best way to travel with my cake? 

We strongly suggest that you put your cake box either in the boot of the car (all our cakes come with a non-slip mat in the box) or in the footwell.  We do not recommend having cakes on the seat of the car or on someone's lap!


How long does it take to make a birthday/celebration cake? 

It is difficult to say as it depends on the design of the cake but at least 4 hours, but our 3D cakes can take 2 -3 days!


Do you make children’s cakes? 

Yes, we love making children’s cakes here at Nouveauxcakes, please take a look at our gallery and be inspired or we are happy to recreate a design you have seen online, as we do not copy other cake designers cakes, but will use any design you give us as inspiration to create a cake especially for you.


Can you personalise my cake?  

Yes, we recommend personalising your cake with the recipient’s name and/or age, although we don’t recommend long inscriptions on the cake, leave long messages for the card!


Can you send me a picture of my cake before I collect it? 

Absolutely not!  We do not send progress pictures or pictures of the finished cake as it spoils the element of surprise and we know you trust us to do a Sterling job, that is why you commissioned us to make your cake in the first instance!

Should I order my cake for the date of the event or the day before?

It is best to order your cake for the date that best suits you. By that I mean, if you are having an at home event, you may want to collect the cake on the day of the event so that it is not in your way. That said, you may have a lot of running around to do on the day of your event and it would be more convenient to collect the evening before.  However, if you are having the cake at a venue you may want to collect on the day, as many venues will charge extra if you want to deliver your cake the day before your function.  Whatever your decision, please ensure that you let us know at the point of confirming your order as we are unable to change the collection date later on!  This applies even if we are delivering your cake.

Do you do deliveries, if so, how much? 

Yes, we do deliveries, the cost of which is dependent upon your location.  If this is something you are interested in, please let us know when you make your cake enquiry. 

We are unable to guarantee delivery for a specific time so we suggest that if your cake is required for a specific time, you make your order for the day before your event.


Do you have parking facilities? 

Yes we do have free parking facilities. 


How long will my cake keep? 

Our sponge cakes will last approximately 5 days once cut (if of course there is any left) if the cut end is covered with cling-film or kitchen foil – do not refrigerate your sponge cakes once cut, cling-film it and place it back in the box provided away from direct sunlight, radiators or on top of refrigerators as they generate quite a lot of heat! 

If the cake you have ordered has a butter cream finish, then it can be stored in the refrigerator, although we still recommend that you cover the cut end with cling-film to keep it moist.

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